Thank you for all the very kind words.  Every aspect of Explore Me A Story is fueled by love and passion!

♥ "E loves the class!  I think it is helping Xander learn and be a bit more social already!  We can't wait for the next class." - Amy G

♥ "So thankful you are doing this.  Gideon loves it!"  - Amy M

♥ "What a wonderful day watching the creative minds of the little ones playing with sand, water, shells, fishing, singing, splashing...just exploring!! They are loving it!" - Linda B

♥ "They had so much fun. We cannot wait to see you again on Monday!" - Amy P

♥ "We had a great time today!  Thank you, Joanna!  We look forward to making it a weekly date!" - Kelley M

♥ "Thank you so much for having us today!  Machara said she wanted to come back next week!  We had a wonderful time :-) " - Melissa C

♥ "Thanks for another great class Joanna!  Sage's 'thankful' tonight was, "washing the pink car at Joanna's." - Kelley M

♥ "ane had so much fun today!  Your classes are so creative, and I like that he can experience whatever he chooses :)  Thanks again, Joanna" - Amy K

♥ "y boys love your class. Thank you again for letting us be a part of it." - Elaine S

♥ "We are really loving it, and wow, you have thought of everything and really are putting a lot of work and love into it and it shows!" - Sam M

♥ "Thank you! Bennett and Kate had a fabulous time.  You provide such a great environment for toddlers!  We cannot wait until next Monday." - Becky P


...and a wonderful review of 'Explore Me A Story' written by Amy P and shared on her blog!

♥  "Working with Ms Jo is where my daughter learned to think outside of the box!" - Melida B