Hello Explorers!  

Welcome to Explore Me a Story ~ Creative Preschool Classes ~ Children's Yoga & Mindfulness

Shining our lights & being ourselves in and around Lancaster Ohio!

Me in one word....PLAYFUL!

My name is Joanna.  I am a mother and an experienced educator, having taught on both sides of the pond!  I have been teaching young children for 20 years.  Through my career I have developed an expertise in literacy.  I have worked as a classroom teacher, education director of a preschool, teacher trainer and as an Early Years Consultant.  

I also teach children's yoga and mindfulness.  I am a certified children's yoga teacher (6 weeks ~ teens), including yoga for children with special needs, parent and baby yoga, children's yoga therapy, and Trauma Informed Teaching Practices.  I also hold a 200 hr yoga training certificate.  In all of my yoga classes we nurture body, mind and heart ~ shining our lights from the inside out!

I have a vast amount of experience working with children and my approach is viewing them as 'the whole child', treating them with love and respect and as my equal.  I seek to provide meaningful, fun experiences in which children can learn and develop skills through PLAY, DISCOVERY, EXPLORATION and SELF-EXPRESSION. Through this child centered approach, their learning can be directed by following and supporting the play patterns they are demonstrating, and techniques and subjects that interest them.  Children are all different and learn in so many different ways and learning through enjoyment is essential.

I have always sought out and used quality children’s literature to support my teaching and have seen how directly it has worked its magic on children’s creativity and imaginations, inspiring them in their own play and learning. 

I share my experience with the community through presentations and workshops at schools, libraries, bookstores, parent workshops and private sessions.  

I am also write children's picture books, rhymes and songs and have published work in Ladybug Magazine (Cricket Magazine Group).

I am delighted to be sharing my creativity and my love for children and their playful development with you and your children.

My Philosophy = Play, Explore, Discover, Express Yourself!

‘Explore Me A Story’ is based on child centered play and therefore we:

  • know that learning takes place through exploration and discovery.
  • believe there is no ‘right way’ of ‘playing’ or creating art or music.
  • provide opportunities for your children to manipulate a wide range of materials in their own way.
  • value the creative process rather than focusing on the end product.
  • encourage children’s curiosity and view it as a positive step to new sensory experiences.
  • ask you to let us know what your children enjoy so we can include more of it when we plan our sessions (favorite songs, rhymes, stories & art activities)
  • hope you have as much fun as the children do!  Get stuck in!

“Children’s responses to what they see, hear and experience through their senses are individual and the way they represent their experiences is unique and valuable.” (Early Years Foundation Stage Framework)

Young children need to play and have fun!

Children learn through PLAY.  It is their way of making connections, exploring cause and effect relationships and e discovering new concepts.  It challenges their thinking and helps them feel secure in their new experiences. 

Recent research has shown that if preschool children have regular contact with books, music and ‘messy play’, it has a positive impact on communication, language, comprehension and mathematical skills, as well as their social, emotional, physical and cultural development.  

My sessions are designed to support your child’s creativity as well as all four Early Childhood Developmental Areas; Language, Physical, Social & Emotional and Cognitive, and are in line with the ‘Developmentally Appropriate Practice’ outlined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  This means we focus on the process of playing and experimenting with the materials rather than an end product.  Here, it is all about your child’s unique development and valuing the process of their experience, exploration and play.  

There Is No ‘Right Way’ To Play!
We believe there is no ‘right way’ for children to creatively express themselves through art, music or play and view children’s curiosity as a positive step to new sensory experiences, making connections and learning new skills.  While there will be themes and templates for each session, we like to allow your children to experiment and choose what they want to do in a supportive and nurturing environment.  

Explore Me a Story is committed to promoting equality and diversity xo